Stand for the Family (Book)

Stand for the Family (Book)

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Stand for the Family
by Sharon Slater

May very well be one of the most important books published this decade!

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  1. Riveting, firsthand experiences that give you an up close and personal view of the various hidden assaults on the family at the UN and at the national, state and local levels.
  2. Documentation, research, and commentary exposing how key institutions are being manipulated to undermine the mother/father family.
  3. Concrete steps that you can take to protect your own family and the institution of the family.



Stand for the Family does all this and more:

Presents compelling eyewitness accounts exposing how powerful groups are manipulating the UN system to undermine families worldwide.

See Chapter 1: Witnessing the Assault at the International Level

Documents examples of how policies created at the UN trickle down to the local level and how they can negatively impact your family.

See Chapter 2:  Exposing the Deception

Summarizes surprising statistics showing the negative outcomes, especially to children, from alternative family structures. 

See Chapter 3: The Case for the Traditional Family

Debunks the myth that homosexuality is genetic and unchangeable and explains how homosexuality really develops. Details what the public does not know about the homosexual agenda.

See Chapter 4: The Sexual Rights Movement

Describes a radical anti-mother, anti-life UN Treaty—dubbed the ERA on steroids—that President Obama, Hillary Clinton and others are pressuring the U.S. Senate to ratify.

See Chapter 6: The Assault on Motherhood

Presents well-documented examples to expose the radical sexual ideologies being taught to children through UN programs and in local schools.  

See Chapter 7:  The Assault on Our Children’s Sexuality

Explains how adults are using children at the UN to advance sexual rights. Reveals shocking court decisions undermining the rights of parents.

See Chapter 8: The Assault on Parental Rights

Reveals which countries lead worldwide efforts to promote anti-family policies and why some people and groups believe the institution of the family must be replaced.

See Chapter 10: Who Could Be Against the Family and Why?

Presents talking points and research proven to be effective in defending and promoting man/woman marriage.  Explains why protecting marriage has nothing to do with hate.

See Chapter 12:  Defending Traditional Marriage

Recommends concrete and statistically proven steps you can take to protect your family.

See Chapter 16: Immunizing Your Family Against the Assaults

Learn how to protect the family for generations to come and a lot more in Sharon Slater’s latest book


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