The Solution


Now you know the problem, but what about the solution?


What is needed is to take legislative action to stop the kind of cultural imperialism of the Obama administration and any future administration that may want to pursue similar policies. Provisions should include:


1. Rescind the Obama directive that maked advancing sexual rights a priority of U.S. foreign policy and of our U.S. embassies. (Click here to see the directive.)


2.  Prohibit all U.S governmental authorities from funding, promoting, or otherwise supporting directly or indirectly any program, UN agency or organization that promotes abroad, in any way, the legalization, destigmatization, and/or protection of:


♦   Prostitution as an acceptable and legal occupation for women


♦  The highest-risk sexual behaviors for contracting HIV/AIDS including “sex work,” “men who have sex with men,” or IV drug use.


♦  Sexual education or HIV/AIDS programs for minors (children up to age 18) that contains any of the following elements: (Click here to see documentation on these kinds of programs.)


◊   Teaches children various ways to obtain sexual pleasurePromotes condoms to children without informing them of their failure rates

◊   Provides sexual counseling, information or services to minors without parental consent.

◊   Denigrates the religious and cultural values of their parents or community

◊   Promotes promiscuity to children as a “right”

◊   Promotes anal or oral sex to children or teaches them that these behaviors are safe.

◊   Encourages children to experiment sexually with individuals of their own sex or the opposite sex

◊   Teaches children to masturbate

◊   Teaches children to advocate for “sexual rights”

Cultural imperialism must be stopped. You can easily make your voice heard by clicking the button below.

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Protecting Against Cultural Imperialism