Upcoming Battle at the UN:

Help Stop the Appointment of a Global LGBT Enforcer

Dear Friend of the Family,


We need your help with a critical fight coming up at the UN!


Can you help us right now by signing a letter to UN ambassadors about an expected vote in the UN General Assembly?  


This vote will be on the appointment and mandate of a special UN “independent expert” on LGBT issues.


While we are fully opposed to violence against individuals based on their sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI), the proposed mandate for the independent expert goes way beyond preventing violence. The proposed expert, Vitit Muntarbhorn, will be pushing controversial LGBT rights throughout the world with the backing and funding of the UN.

“We expect this LGBT enforcer will also be pushing harmful comprehensive sexuality education for all children as a key way to advance the LGBT agenda.”

You may recall that we warned you about this in June when the resolution creating the appointment was adopted by the UN Human Rights Council after much heated debate.


We are supporting a number of UN Member States, including the African Group, in trying to defer this mandate.


Countries are concerned that the appointed LGBT enforcer will investigate their laws and cultures regarding claimed LGBT rights and rights violations that conflict with their religious values. He will then

use the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to pressure countries to advance a controversial LGBT agenda legally and otherwise.


We expect this LGBT enforcer will also be pushing harmful comprehensive sexuality education for all children as a key way to advance this LGBT agenda.  


The vote is expected to be held early next week.


Sexual rights activists have been circulating letters and petitions to UN ambassadors. They are claiming they have hundreds of organizations that are backing this mandate.


We need to counteract their efforts with our own letter showing there is much more support for deferring this mandate than for moving it aggressively forward. 


What has this so-called “expert” already been promoting as part of his perceived mandate?


First of all, Muntarbhorn is a well-known radical homosexual “rights” advocate who has made it clear that he will push for the legalization of homosexual marriage across the globe.


Muntarbhorn says there is an “overemphasis on the binary approach to gender-sex and inadequate integration of gender diversity in the educational setting and people’s upbringing from a young age which should open the door to a less binary, or non-binary, understanding.”


I wonder which of the 112 “non-binary” genders on the “Gender Master List” Muntarbhorn plans to promote to children “from a young age.” (Click here to see the “Gender Master List.”)


In fact, this is exactly the problem. This mandate and the LGBT rights it purports to protect and promote is vague, undefined, and is as “non-binary” as the 112 controversial genders.


Muntarbhorn also opines that “the vortex of violence and discrimination, in their multiple forms, often starts in the home…” making it clear that he feels his UN mandate includes interferring in family life.


Please also know there is absolutely no legal basis in international law for appointing such an “expert.” There is absolutely no international consensus on what LGBT rights even are. If they exist at all, they have never been defined.


For all these and other reasons, the effort to appoint this LGBT “expert” has been highly controversial and divisive within the world community and needs to be reexamined.


So this is why we need your help. If we can generate enough pressure from concerned groups and people around the world we can stop this in the General Assembly next week.


The more people and organizations that sign our letter, the more impact it will have.


Consider helping in the following ways:


1. Please sign the letter. 

2. If you are a member of an organization you can sign as an organization. 

3. Please forward this alert on to everyone else who you think might also want to help.


Thank you for whatever you can do to help in this important effort.




Sharon Slater

Chair of the UN Family Rights Caucus &

President of Family Watch International


Family Watch created talking points (that were also translated into French and Spanish) outlining the serious problems with the resolution and sent them to key UN diplomats from Member States on the Human Rights Council.  The document is posted below (adapted based on recent amendments).



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June 28, 2016 ACTION ALERT:  Help Stop the UN from Appointing a LGBT “Czar”  >

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Thank You!

Thank you for signing the letter to stop the appointment of the UN LGBT rights enforcer. 


You will receive an email with our original alert that you can forward to others to encourage them to help.


Together we can make a difference!



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