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Stop the UN From Appointing a Sexuality Czar to Monitor Your Country


JUNE 30,2016


Family Watch regrets to inform you that the HRC resolution establishing an LGBT Czar to police countries on LGBT issues was just adopted by the UN Human Rights Council.


The voting was 23 countries in favor, 18 against and 6 abstentions.


Many of the opposing States announced that they will not be cooperating with this new LGBT Czar and that the legitimacy of the Human Rights Council moving forward after passing such a divisive, controversial and widely opposed mandate has now been greatly undermined. 


The Council has shown great disrespect for the religious and cultural values of billions of people across the world.  


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Please see below for our original alert with more background.

Please help us stop a radical UN resolution to be voted on by the 47 Member States on the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva by the end of the day this Friday, July 1.


Please use the form to the right to send an email to all 47 UN Member States on the Council asking them to oppose the resolution.


This  resolution purports to be about ending violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity and to prevent discrimination that leads to violence.


While we condemn violence against people based on sex or any other physical or mental characteristics, including sexual orientation and gender identity, this resolution goes way beyond seeking to end violence and unjust discrimination. 


The main objective of the resolution is to appoint a global LGBT “Czar” who will investigate alleged rights violations by governments and individuals against LGBT people.


Everyone knows that this is intended to be a tool to try to force such things as same-sex marriage, cross-gender bathroom use, LGBT “rights” indoctrination education, and much more upon countries around the world in the name of preventing discrimination and violence.


This so-called “independent expert” or “Special Rapporteur” as they are often called at the UN would be given the mandate to collect reports and complaints from sexual rights activist groups and LGBT individuals worldwide and would then use these complaints along with the full arsenal of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to pressure governments to overturn their laws protecting marriage, family, and religious and cultural values.


We hope you will help by emailing the UN Member States and asking them to vote against this resolution.  It will only take a few minutes.


Please forward this on to as many others as you can who will also send this letter to the HRC member countries.


Thank you for whatever  you can do to help.



Family Watch created talking points (that were also translated into French and Spanish) outlining the serious problems with the resolution and sent them to key UN diplomats from Member States on the Human Rights Council.  The document is posted below (adapted based on recent amendments).



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June 28, 2016 ACTION ALERT:  Help Stop the UN from Appointing a LGBT “Czar”  >

Facebook’s 71 Gender Options >

Tell the UN to Vote Against the SOGI Resolution!


Thank you to the thousands around the world who joined with us by signing the email below and encouraging HRC members to vote against the SOGI Resolution.

Dear Ambassador,


I am sending you this urgent email to encourage you to vote against A/HRC/32/L.2. This resolution seeks to establish an independent expert not just to monitor violence, but to also monitor discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity—concepts that are vague, undefined, and have no basis in international law.


Who will determine what constitutes discrimination when nations are deeply divided on these issues and where there is no international consensus? Will laws protecting marriage or single-gender bathroom use be considered discrimination?


Also, how can such an expert monitor or report on violations against persons based on their sexual attractions or internal gender identities, especially when Facebook, for example, recognizes at least 70 different genders?


This mandate, if it goes forward, will certainly open a Pandora’s box of litigation against governments and individuals over disputed rights that have no international consensus.


Finally, while I am against violence, such a broad, sweeping mandate would require the UN to interfere in sensitive issues that affect domestic cultural, religious, and family norms of many UN Member States and will only create bad will and further divide nations. This is an issue better left for States to decide rather than be determined by a UN body or expert as per Article 2.7 of the UN Charter.


Therefore, I respectfully urge you to vote against this resolution.


[Your name inserted here]

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