FOOTNOTES: Investigate IPPF Letter



[1] The following are quotes from the IPPF publication, “Healthy, Happy and Hot”:


* “Young people living with HIV have the right to sexual pleasure. Sex can feel great and can be really fun! Many people think sex is just about vaginal or anal intercourse… But, there are lots of different ways to have sex and lots of different types of sex. Sex can include kissing, touching, licking, tickling, sucking, and cuddling. Some people like to have aggressive sex, while others like to have soft and slow sex with their partners. There is no right or wrong way to have sex. Just have fun, explore and be yourself!”


* “It’s your body. You choose what you do, when you do it, how and with whom.”


* “Play with yourself! Masturbation is a great way to find out more about your body and what you find sexually stimulating. Don’t stop there: Find out how your partner’s body work.”


* “Talk about or act out your fantasies. Talk dirty to them.”


* “Some people have sex when they have been drinking alcohol or using drugs. This is your choice.”


This brochure also falsely states that sexual rights relating to a person’s sexual orientation and gender identity are recognized around the world as human rights.


[2] See video clip exposing the radical and harmful elements of “It’s All One” curriculum.