FWI Petitions

Stop CSE (Comprehensive Sexuality Education)


Mounting evidence clearly shows that CSE is one of the most insidious attacks on the health and innocence of our children imaginable.  We need to stop these explicit and harmful CSE programs that are being promoted by multiple UN entities and government bodies!


Please sign the petition calling upon the United Nations, governments and schools everywhere to immediately stop promoting and funding harmful comprehensive sexuality education (CSE).


Visit StopCSE.org for more information.

“I Stand for the Family” International Petition


In a world that has become increasingly hostile to marriage and the family, it has never been more essential for people across the world to organize to preserve and promote the traditional family.  We invite responsible and concerned citizens everywhere to join this growing worldwide internet coalition for the family.


Please sign the “I Stand for the Family” Petition to join with us and our network of people in over 100 countries across the world working to protect the family.  We will use this petition in our work at the international level to demonstrate the strong and growing support for marriage, family, life and the rights of parents.



Early in his presidency, former U.S. President, Barack Obama issued a directive to all U.S. embassies and agencies engaged in foreign activities to make advancing LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) “rights” a “top priority.” Millions of U.S. tax dollars were used to bully, bribe and blackmail developing countries to try to force them to adopt a harmful and highly controversial “sexual rights” agenda. These claimed sexual rights violate the religious and cultural values of many people across the world and are especially damaging to children.


Even thought Donald Trump has replaced Barack Obama, the new U.S. administration has not yet taken steps to make amends for the damage caused by their predecessors.  There has as yet been no discernable effort by the U.S. to help other countries defend themselves from this kind of cultural imperialism.  


Join thousands around the globe and sign the petition urging the Trump Administration to rescind the Obama directive and restore U.S. leadership promoting traditional family values.

Investigate Planned Parenthood


Family Watch International and the UN Family Rights Caucus, along with hundreds of other organizations, are calling upon the United Nations and world governments: (1) to investigate Planned Parenthood for harming the health and innocence of millions of children across the world, and (2)  to cease partnering with or funding Planned Parenthood’s harmful activities.


You can join the effort by signing the letter asking the UN to investigate the activities of International Planned Parenthood Federation.